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How do we do it?

Using specialist equipment to locate your pipe, we are able to use thrust boring technology to replace or repair your pipe, with the least possible disruption to your property. Thrust boring technology (commonly known as moling) allows us to install a new water pipe using small launch and exit pits. This negates the need for open cut trenching and therefore reducing the impact on your garden or driveway as much as possible.

Impact Moling

Why do we do it?

Lead pipes used in the early 1900's are now associated with having health issues, click here for more details.

Iron pipes used from the mid 1900's will almost certainly be rusted, causing dirty water, reduced flow and pressure.

Black alkathene pipes typically used throughout the 70's and early 80's, are now causing major problems due to brittleness. They are easily repaired, but likely to fail again on a different part of the pipe.

Water meters are prone to highlight water leaks in the system. It only takes a small hole in your pipe make a big difference to your bill.

We offer competitive rates and we are fully insured to give you peace of mind.

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We understand the distress many feel when they find out they have an underground water leak, which is why we offer a reliable, competitive and efficient service.

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