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Case Study 3 - Salcombe

At P&SD Leakage Solutions we are never afraid of tackling leaks in difficult situations.

  • 1. A site investigation revealed that despite extensive renovation work in the past it had been overlooked that the lead water service pipe was 60 - 70 years old and would need replacing. This old led service pipe was now very inaccessible due to several factors one being that it had been built over and heavily back filled near the building.
  • 2. After a discussion with the property owners it was decided to install a new 25mm MDPE service pipe taking a new and less invasive route, the old lead pipe would effectively be abandoned. This still left several other problems including the severe steps and gradients that the new pipe would have to be laid beneath.
  • 3. Our picture (see image 3) shows where the pipe begins and with our impact moling equipment we successfully bored underneath the drive and underneath the 2 - 3 metre high retaining wall (see image 4). The benefits of this operation are obvious with minimal reinstatement works and far less invasive impact on the property.
  • 4. We then had to lay the pipe under a relatively flat lawned / shrub area again by impact moleing (see image 5)
  • 5. A further (last!!) step had to be overcome to get down to the final level near the kitchen area of the property in which the new MDPE pipe would be neatly connected to the internal plumbing network. Again this was achieved by impact moling underneath the wall (see image 6)
  • 6. All lifted services were re-laid on a like for like basis and our working area left clean and tidy.

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