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Case Study 2 - Strete - Leak detection at residential property on the coast in Strete

This was a recently constructed property so it was unusual that a leak had occurred. A site visit revealed that modern blue 25mm MDPE had been laid as a service pipe so first indications suggested a failed joint most likely being the cause of the leakage.

  • 1. The line of the pipe was traced along with the location of the joint in the middle of the tarmac driveway.
  • 2. A neat excavation was carried out to reveal the joint (we are always very careful of other underground services too) (see image 1)
  • 3. As expected a poorly assembled joint was the cause of this leak. It was rectified using correct fittings from our extensive stock in the van. Our repair was tested before reinstatement works.
  • 4. The surface was compacted to avoid sinkage issues in the future (see image 2), tar was neatly laid and compacted and the joint sealed to prevent water ingress and frost damage.
  • 5. The area was left clean and tidy (see image 3)

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