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Case Study 1 - Kingsbridge

This was a small job to us, it demonstrates that we can overcome a leak situation in a matter of hours using our impact moleing equipment.

  • 1. In this area the properties were built in the 1970's which meant the underground pipe would be ½ inch black alkathene which is notorious for failing.
  • 2. After our site visit and consultation with the owners it was decided to lay a new service pipe in order to overcome the leakage situation and provide future insurance against further leaks.
  • 3. Two small excavations were cut and opened in the tarmac driveway (see image 1) with the spoil from the excavations stored neatly in plastic containers (see image 2) and a new pipe was installed by impact moleing.
  • 4. All connections were made, reinstatements were made (see images 3 & 4) and the site was left clean and tidy (see image 5)

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We understand the distress many feel when they find out they have an underground water leak, which is why we offer a reliable, competitive and efficient service.

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